The vessel’s permanent flange connection

Wondering about a populated place, where bacteria evolve and spread their lives.

Substances entering the new born coming from ancestors populating Planet Earth, set near the deepest core, our biggest magnet.

The connector’s revenge is to do what he can, found its empire in the darkest corner, heavy caller and also a fucking hard-worker, play the role and take all in there.

Through and through cyclical needs, someone is growing when they are overflowing, play your role and say your wishes, world is full of fishes.

We considered the process, analyzed main terms, organized the job, and made account of proceeds.

Evolving life in there, for free. Nobody asked for it, paid for it, organized nothing, decided anything.

But still it exists, It Is.

Check your clock and do the job, you Made the connection.

Published by Himynameisfabiogarioni

Multifaceted prism

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