Horeida . Milano anthems

Sunset powder Teatro La Cannobiana High definition The shoes street Haircut player Hidden courtyard Windows lick New Apple less Liberty Convex corner Uok number One Sun terrace Academy leaves Dig Lazharous, dig Fresh mint Distorted façade Meet Angelo and Bruna at the sixth floor Bovisa quarter entrance Rust in peace Urgent passage The glum InstitutionsContinue reading “Horeida . Milano anthems”

Horeida . Show-off

Beautiful monster Amsterdam rooftops Sailor’s knots Beware of the dog Stella, curiosity kills Violin spider grows on the balcony Various shoots from catalogue including ‘beautiful monster’ for ‘Horeida e.p. Song cover’   Horeida 23 08 2018

Horeida . Keep your head up

Zentrifuge Colli bolognesi Santa Finestrino con vista Dror Inquietudine solenne Reprise All shoots Horeida 10 08 2018

Horeida . L’ora del Mai

Luna calante 7 02 2017 Full moon 13 01 2017 ‘Il fattaccio’ Essere è nulla in confronto ad Esistere 10 02 2017 Album musicale 04 03 2017 Infinite Self-portrait 30 01 2017 All shoots Horeida