Horeida . Below the threshold

horeida envy erased land

Below the threshold

nothing can come out

everything is in

inside out.


Patience had burned me

Licensed to kill

Myself or so other little pretty creatures

I loved so much

Basically left nothing to me.


A lesson to live,

a life wouldn’t kill

My love is so pretty

approaching new jetty

Thrown away my boys


A l’etranger est c’est qu’est que vous-voulez?


Just don’t panic,

it was scheduled!


And under the threshold what

happen is no more relevant to no one.

Shake your hair

Add beans to your diet

You can kill with soft air

Or in silence of lcd screen over your desk.

Envelope or develope,

Someone has to make counts.

No personal issues or animal insticts,

you were so trapped into your business.

Half second after they altered your day.

Left you as a number, the odd one,

nothing personal.


Under the threshold I’m moving so long,

learning my lesson eating

with my traitors,

Tomorrow will come,

but what happened

under the threshold?


Horeida 19 08 2018

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