Horeida. I refuse to stay

Horeida – I refuse to stay

poem 11.02.2019

I refuse to stay

There’s nothing in my way

Getting through everyday

I refused to stay

Overly atrophied

Long time lost desire

Feeling like a pain

There’s nothing here in my way

They told me that’s my fault

Inner energies unmanageable

character traits with whom I had to live


Forever retreating

with a look at the back mirror

during wild rides

I neglected to tell you

Being my own enemy

Looking for my defeat

Foreseen overture

I became crazy to find her still

From time to time, in my daily checks

nothing sprouts even if I’ve prayed.

Filed from the beginning

extinguishing fires around the mountains

nice to see you every morning

I couldn’t see the end of the job

It’s just all work work work

Is it possible for a man to dream that it’s over?

You didn’t even considered me

Black or white vision that was applied to me

The lace is torn , surrended to you

Just gave me water to resist

And a smile to be twisted twice

Again, double loss of pride

Confused by the warm of the room

I’s hiding from the outer world

Feeling insanely safe here

Where there’s nothing in my way

I loved my jailers mingling as if they were my friends

Deep look to provocke their pity

And they always laughed at me

To my attempts to ask for compassion

Always had a friendly feeling living on this world

As a Free child of nature

Big brother will fail you

Above human desire

Horeida – 11.02.2019

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