Horeida. Be happy


Poem 14.03.2019

It’s so difficult to be happy

So difficult being happy

So what shall i say

Be unhappy

It’s easier

Than being happy

Don’t you know

Don’t you know

Everyone might falls

I just share all my thoughts

And say I don’t know

How to be happy

It’s kind of weird

Everyone everyone

Everyone everyone

Must have known

Must have known

The unhappiest

Man of the world

Question him about

Few words to understand

How it could might been

Being as sad as him

So unhappy


All I know All I know

Is that you cannot drown Me

away from where I stand

Cause I’m existing where I materialize

With my body

Get away indeed

Get some sort of feeling

of being happy

While you’re making me thirsty

Ignoring my existence

Putting me out of the system

And I had no time to listen!

What a joke, I might think that

I was blissfully.

And I didn’t curse my own little damages

Which I should have appreciated



Be happy.

Horeida 2019

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Multifaceted prism

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