Horeida – stuff

Oil traders

We’ve got to take cover,


To have A Map of the piano

(Please check if it fits your measures)

Don’t be wrong

You’re not chained

As a poor dog

To the pole

Fix it

Before it’d be late

One more though

To wreck on mistakes

Lessons to learn

Are just waiting for you

To see it through

Then left you undo

Let’s clean your room

Cleared by shoots

I’d tell you the truth

But I ain’t that good..

Money to cover my blues

Hand-me-downs are not for poors

Uncombed hairs to get that look

Everyday let me amaze you

Great views to enjoy melancholy – just for few

Hidden gardens

(Marx theory vs. Reality – representation of the mismatch about private property)

Tear me down – morire di tolleranza 1997 lp

Applequince Records

Strada da seguire


Let it shine

Good location to ambient a series

Probably destined to blow up

(italian horror history)

Fuck your stigma

Whatever it is, there’s no reason to wear it neither to forget that mark.

Let it be

Italian pride 12 Mg (as needed) x dose

Then let me know how it went, Ok?


Dog breed through romantic garden


Sometimes I remember that image: Pressurize,Then swallow

(Or squirt it out to somebody as a joke)

Oh it was so funny

Nature calls

– Under development –

Via laghetto – Milano

– Studiare senza riflettere è inutile. Riflettere senza studiare è pericoloso – Confucio


Stationery and amenities shop

Parallel universe

Twisted storyline

It’s over

Let me check about the spare parts you’re looking for.


06 06 2019

Published by Himynameisfabiogarioni

Multifaceted prism

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