Horeida – Borderline psychosis

Love and hate

Borderline psychosis

Hate to love you, what do you love?

Is there a subject, or an object

At least a myth

Any rejection?

Would you please elevate your election?

I can’t see through the mirror.

All eyes, mirrors.

All around, heroes. Or worst case scenarios.

Everyone counts, let them know about this.

Just, they shall stay constantly adapting to the context.

Redukt! Reluctant!

Italian word representing this sentiment: “sbriciolare” so like as “ridurre in poltiglia”.

Why is it possible that it’s neither deducted, or measured, where is it conducted?

Self-consciousness adapted to a false-self based on mirroring, upon others, of its own removal objects?

Through fragments of reflections, where everything may be possible, or at least, inequivocable?

We need to find a definitive solution,

And i can’t see why we must avoid the easiest ones?

Oh, the moral. Ethics.

But the world is not representing this currently, what they gave to us in reality, ‘re you joking with us? who are you, and specially, who I’m referring as a group?

Is there anyone?

Cruelly slaughtering and laughting at our backs?

Would you talk about compassion, when you’ll deny our existences?

As you said we’re not good, do you keep pricking at our consciences?

Amazed to see through, never ever leaved this, remaining as a possibility.

Time is of the essence, legally said.

Few words may count as a Bible for some, thirsty mouths to refill with few drops, of pseudo-consciousness thoughts?

We may convince ourself that what you said is true, that we ain’t no good, that it’s war time, and you’re dropping bombs on us, while your mouthpieces claim that we are lucky wearing the culprit?

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