Horeida. Be happy

HOREIDA. BE HAPPY Poem 14.03.2019 It’s so difficult to be happy So difficult being happy So what shall i say Be unhappy It’s easier Than being happy Don’t you know Don’t you know Everyone might falls I just share all my thoughts And say I don’t know How to be happy It’s kind of weirdContinue reading “Horeida. Be happy”

Horeida. Plutone weight

A moon safari Postotranx Italian slang for a place where to stay punk and free Let’s start working materials Fuck we late!!! Damned traffic Stucked stucked stucked Every day Nice place Killing an arab Let them eat cake Maestro Gioacchino Rossini Mirò pla de l’Os Legami intrecciati Santo Alessandro Milano slogan A place to seeContinue reading “Horeida. Plutone weight”

Horeida. 13 promises

Out of the blue I care because you do I don’t care about you at all Quicksilver Take care of me Wishing well Outraged No profit future Rock’n Roll whistle Voice without a public Unfinished dream Concrete Love above all Horeida 11 02 2019

Horeida. Halloween

Crepuscolo Illumination Neon golden Tricky Stranger things 1984 Swimming pool Dark tranquillity Punk eterotopia Gangsters Looner Work in progress Underneath Alias Wash my soul Case rosse Celebrate Shelter Sonic youth Going down into Geneva Motherfucker Horeida 11 11 2018

Horeida . L’ora del Mai

Luna calante 7 02 2017 Full moon 13 01 2017 ‘Il fattaccio’ Essere è nulla in confronto ad Esistere 10 02 2017 Album musicale 04 03 2017 Infinite Self-portrait 30 01 2017 All shoots Horeida

Horeida . Brave New world

C’est le monde q’il change Ou les gens qui y vivent à changer? Nous passons tous pour l’admirer. Horeida. Astigmatisme. 24 07 2018

Horeida . Hardcore

  Horeida. Hardcore will never die. 1999 painting @ skatepark Photo shoot in San Giuliano Milanese dated 1999. Proudly presenting a painting I made to the Hc punk movement I always felt to be a part of. Dedication. Horeida 24 07 2018