Horeida – stuff

Oil traders We’ve got to take cover, Brother To have A Map of the piano (Please check if it fits your measures) Don’t be wrong You’re not chained As a poor dog To the pole Fix it Before it’d be late One more though To wreck on mistakes Lessons to learn Are just waiting forContinue reading “Horeida – stuff”

Horeida. Plutone weight

A moon safari Postotranx Italian slang for a place where to stay punk and free Let’s start working materials Fuck we late!!! Damned traffic Stucked stucked stucked Every day Nice place Killing an arab Let them eat cake Maestro Gioacchino Rossini Mirò pla de l’Os Legami intrecciati Santo Alessandro Milano slogan A place to seeContinue reading “Horeida. Plutone weight”

Horeida. Threat me well

Thought in consciousness Dell’Adelphoe fui Ctesifone The break Roots of life Ciò che non è, non è Shut the door, what fascinates me to stay to contemplate? Warriors, come to play with us 108 One = the single start Zero = materialization of the non-existence 8 = the infinite repeating Bright revelations Le mie prigioniContinue reading “Horeida. Threat me well”

Horeida. 13 promises

Out of the blue I care because you do I don’t care about you at all Quicksilver Take care of me Wishing well Outraged No profit future Rock’n Roll whistle Voice without a public Unfinished dream Concrete Love above all Horeida 11 02 2019

Horeida. Self fulfilling prophecy

La legge del taglione Self fulfilling prophecy Potatoes field Trolls court Vicolo cieco Escaladed reality Raw materials Vessel afloats The fog Friendship lost Oh girl don’t talk about my motherfucking hair! Frozen emotions Volere spiegare la storia di una vita in un paio di semplici conclusioni dedotte dall’analisi di un falso sé mostrato in totaleContinue reading “Horeida. Self fulfilling prophecy”

Horeida. Lo scappato di casa

Look at the stars How they shine for you High heels Koi no yokan Il trionfo dell’arcaico Sé Educazione siberiana Inprinting Rispetta Te Stesso Milano l’è on gran Milan Horeida 03 01 2019

Horeida. Self-acceptance

  Split-up!! Icy surface Flying birds fly Overlook Sunset strip Old abandoned farmhouse (occupied) Cripta Di San Sepolcro Lit monster Self-acceptance (the window shop) Foggy points I’m coming down and I’ll fucking kill you Peace and Love Eternity Looming moon 19.12.2018 Horeida

Horeida. Be careful with that axe

Adrenaline. Free yourself Home of the hatred Midnight Autumn incoming Hollywood mood My hero Via Crucis Elmetto rosso Pebbles The writer Old and young Theatre boxes applauses Ten yard fight Mistress’ balcony Be thankful for what you’ve got Toro seduto View of Toro seduto Future Tour bus 04 12 2018 horeida

Horeida. Halloween

Crepuscolo Illumination Neon golden Tricky Stranger things 1984 Swimming pool Dark tranquillity Punk eterotopia Gangsters Looner Work in progress Underneath Alias Wash my soul Case rosse Celebrate Shelter Sonic youth Going down into Geneva Motherfucker Horeida 11 11 2018

Horeida . Back it up!

Family bench Grain of salt Alley view Wet red Go to the high School Vanished (In the morning) Priorities Guns Hexagon Mulholland drive style On time A knife in the ocean Tendencies Dollars on sale Skateboarding is not a crime Bus stop boxter Horeida 26 10 2018

Horeida . Half my time

Nothing’s gonna change my world Fluorescent botanic Under the bridge Shop windows Break the chains Liquid past Quitter Friendly fires Four ordinary elements The model stop For recycle, the magic librarian The good old boy is back in town Author Fabio Garioni Horeida 15 09 2018