Horeida – stuff

Oil traders We’ve got to take cover, Brother To have A Map of the piano (Please check if it fits your measures) Don’t be wrong You’re not chained As a poor dog To the pole Fix it Before it’d be late One more though To wreck on mistakes Lessons to learn Are just waiting forContinue reading “Horeida – stuff”

Horeida . L’ora del Mai

Luna calante 7 02 2017 Full moon 13 01 2017 ‘Il fattaccio’ Essere è nulla in confronto ad Esistere 10 02 2017 Album musicale 04 03 2017 Infinite Self-portrait 30 01 2017 All shoots Horeida

Horeida . Flying Fantômas

  ‘Flying Fantomas’ Horeida 19 07 2018