Human named Fabio Garioni, registered in Italy, born in Milan on January 26th 1982, Aquarius but strongly influenced by Lion.

Photographer addicted since childhood, music lover since I was born. My interest to know and understand the technical utilization of analog reflex system appeared when I was very youngster. Then I’ve got some amazing automatic cameras to practice and study on my own.

I’m also a writer and willing to be a painter, but for a big period I’ve been focused on music production and instruments playing.

Mostly, when it wasn’t possible to travel, I’ve kept myself alive studying music and arts.

I would share my productions to overcome and cut out jealousy and private property, definitively.

All materials shown on this site are digital copies of original pictures, paintings, videos, drawings or whatsoever media created and made available by the author.

Originals of analog pictures are printings of negatives, originals of digital pictures or digital works are the resulting printed copy of a digital production; originals of paintings and drawings are single copy production tables, eventually shoot and made out as digital copies.