Horeida. Be happy

HOREIDA. BE HAPPY Poem 14.03.2019 It’s so difficult to be happy So difficult being happy So what shall i say Be unhappy It’s easier Than being happy Don’t you know Don’t you know Everyone might falls I just share all my thoughts And say I don’t know How to be happy It’s kind of weirdContinue reading “Horeida. Be happy”

Horeida . Half my time

Nothing’s gonna change my world Fluorescent botanic Under the bridge Shop windows Break the chains Liquid past Quitter Friendly fires Four ordinary elements The model stop For recycle, the magic librarian The good old boy is back in town Author Fabio Garioni Horeida 15 09 2018

Horeida . Show-off

Beautiful monster Amsterdam rooftops Sailor’s knots Beware of the dog Stella, curiosity kills Violin spider grows on the balcony Various shoots from catalogue including ‘beautiful monster’ for ‘Horeida e.p. Song cover’   Horeida 23 08 2018