Horeida – stuff

Oil traders We’ve got to take cover, Brother To have A Map of the piano (Please check if it fits your measures) Don’t be wrong You’re not chained As a poor dog To the pole Fix it Before it’d be late One more though To wreck on mistakes Lessons to learn Are just waiting forContinue reading “Horeida – stuff”

Horeida. Be happy

HOREIDA. BE HAPPY Poem 14.03.2019 It’s so difficult to be happy So difficult being happy So what shall i say Be unhappy It’s easier Than being happy Don’t you know Don’t you know Everyone might falls I just share all my thoughts And say I don’t know How to be happy It’s kind of weirdContinue reading “Horeida. Be happy”

Horeida 1994 photographer

Photo shoot at Summer camp 1994 L’aspetto delle cose varia Secondo le emozioni, E così noi vediamo magia e bellezza in loro Ma bellezza e magia, in realtà, Sono in noi. Cit Kahlil Gibran 1994 Dedica di Alex e Pietro A me scout fotografo Horeida 4 08 2018